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Precast Concrete Wall Panels in Kenya

Precast Concrete Wall Panel is a construction product made using prestressing equipment, cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site, and lifted into the designed place (“tilt-up”). 

Precast concrete wall panels are both state-of-art and futuristic construction solutions. Unlike the conventional brick and mortar walling system that was laborious and quite costly, the precast concrete wall panels are less costly and save time during the installations. Further, the Precast concrete wall system allows designers the flexibility of using different shapes, colors, textures, and finishes.

Our panels have a constant length of 0.605 meters (approx. 2 feet) and a constant width of 90 millimeters. Our clients determine the height of the panels depending on the design of their structures.

We at Kingdom Precast Solutions produce high-quality and long-lasting precast concrete wall panels at a pocket-friendly cost and ensure delivery to the site at a pocket-friendly price.

We have a long and proud history givin emphasis to environment social and economic outcomes rapid urbanisation, climate and change, inequality and resource stress.